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Vesery teapot

Held over until May 30th!

March 2 - May 24, 2010
The Teapot and A Gathering of Spoons

The Teapot
Fourth in a series of themed exhibits by our Professional Outreach Program, this year the invited artists were challenged to make teapots. The results are often witty, sometimes a bit wistful and consistently surprising.

Shown right: Jacques Vesery, "Printemps Thé au Café du Métro" [Springtime at the Metro Café] in carved cherry.

The previous shows in this series ( Japanese Bowls, The Sphere and the Spindle) are linked to the past exhibits page.






BinderA Gathering of Spoons:
selections from the collection of
Norman Stevens

A spoon may often be seen as simply a mundane tool used to ferry food from bowl to mouth, but through
the skilled hands of the 50+ artists and craftspeople represented in this exhibit the spoon is transformed
from a tool to a feast for the eyes.

Stevens has worked with spooncarvers from around
the world, inviting them to create nine-inch spoons
for his collection. The exhibit features work by traditional Scandinavian and American carvers, as
well as non-utilitarian sculptural pieces like
Jude Binder's Swirlspoon, shown at right.




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